Our Plans


Tidal is working to create a monster of a global justice movement in Leeds. One that can take on the big issues of our times…  poverty, climate change, trade, tax justice. We have the incredible vision of the people of Leeds rising up together and making massive, lasting change that creates a more just world.

Tidal works to coordinate, support and grow global justice activism in Leeds. We believe that strong, diverse and united grassroots  movements are vital to sustainable change, and we work hard to help global justice activists in this city be as effective as they  possibly can be.

Our vision is for a connected, effective and massive movement in Leeds, working to create a just and sustainable world.

As well as campaigning on issues of economic and ecological justice, Tidal works with the many groups and organisations in Leeds who are taking action on issues of global justice. We strive to provide resources and training for groups and individuals, facilitate cross-activist group campaigns, help coordinate and publicise activities and events, and generally work hard to act as a hub for effective global justice activism in Leeds.

What we do

In our three year strategy, we have identified five key objectives for 2011-14:


We believe that campaigning is one of the most powerful means to achieve social change. We will campaign with partners in Leeds taking action on issues of economic and ecological justice. We will be responsive to campaign suggestions from others and will participate in at least one collaborative campaign at any given time.

Movement-Linking Tools

We will work to ensure that the global justice movement in Leeds is joined-up and empowered, so that activists in Leeds can be more effective. To achieve this, we will be part of a Leeds-wide mapping project to help groups work together more effectively, host a ‘hub website’ for activists in Leeds to virtually link the movement together, and provide a series of web-based tools that activists can use to support their campaigning activity.

Workshop at ‘Crisis Opportunity?’ 2012

Movement-Building Events

We believe that one of the best ways to engender a sense of a movement and build strong relationships between activists is to create space for people to meet and get to know each other. To this end, we will hold an annual global justice event in Leeds and organise regular community building events, as well as support others in organising movement-linking events.

Skills & Support Network

There is a wealth of activist skills and experience in Leeds, but it’s not always easy to access it or get in touch with the people you’re looking for. We will create an Activist Learning Network, a network of activist educators, both by bringing in more practitioners and by using it as a ‘community of practice’. This will include working with individuals and groups to see what skills are needed and what’s already present, and facilitating training in relevant areas.

Journalism And Media Network

We will facilitate a group of volunteers passionate about using journalism and various media for social change. Their work would include reporting on the activities of activists,relevant news in the city and investigating issues that lack attention, to help build relationships amongst activists, raise the profile of the movement, help groups share information, and help discover campaign opportunities. The group may also share their media skills and contacts with other activists.

Thank you for reading the plan. We hope you are as excited about is as we are. If you would like to become once of our regular supporters then check out the Donate to Tidal page.