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EPAs action April 2007

Tidal operates on a shoestring. Everything that we do – from maintaining the website you’re on now to coordinating campaigns and projects across the city – is made possible by the generosity of our sponsors. Here we get to thank the individuals and organisations that donate to us, and for the sake of transparency detail the sources of our funding.



Current sponsors

This year we’re expecting Tidal to have a turnover of around £14, 000. Of that figure, over half of our funding comes from ordinary people. Dozens of supporters donate to us each month, giving us a vital source of unrestricted secure income. This funding really is a financial lifeline for our work; without ordinary people reaching into their pockets on a regular basis we simply could not continue to support global justice activism in Leeds.

LCCT logo

Leeds Christian Community Trust (LCCT) have given us a £5k grant to enable us to employ a Coordinator for the next 12 months. LCCT specialise in ‘seedbed’ grants, helping new projects get off the ground and become self-sustaining. Our thanks to LCCT for enabling us to kick-start our new work building the global justice movement in Leeds.

The Co-op logo

The Co-operative Group awarded us a grant of £1.5k to hold Think Global Act Local 2011, and have supported many other of our activities over the years. Our thanks to the Leeds and Wakefield Area Committee for their ongoing support.

Lizzie Fellows, a Tidal Trustee, raised £1500 in her recent half-marathon challenge for us. That’s just under 30 miles run in 3 cities, all in aid of Tidal – thank you Lizzie!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our sponsors for financing our work. Mainstream funders dislike funding campaigning at the best of times, but when half of your beneficiaries aren’t even in the UK and you’re working at a local level to help solve global problems the funding is all but non-existent. Our thanks again to the ordinary people and local organisations that make our work possible.

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Past sponsors

We’ve had tremendous support from Leeds’ Christian community right from the start of our history, and we’ve been fortunate enough to have the financial support of a handful of local churches including St. Edmund’s PCC in Roundhay and Harehills Lane Baptist Church. Contributions ranged from a few hundred pounds to over £1k per year.

APE logo

In 2008 we received a £3k grant from Artist’s Project Earth (APE) to finance a Coordinator for our work on climate change. This grant enabled us to maintain a monthly e-newsletter for supporters, organise the Leeds Freeze flashmob, take a coachload of people to a climate march in London, help run the No Leeds Bradford Airport Expansion campaign and hold stalls at events across Leeds.

DfID logo

The Department for International Development (DfID) also financed TIDAL to the tune of £28.5k over three years from 2005 – 2008. The funding enabled us to run the Surge speakers project, in which volunteers were trained up to speak on international development issues and deliver talks to audiences across the city.

LCI logo

We also received enormous support in kind from Leeds Church Institute between 1998 – 2011, who housed us at their premises at 20 New Market Street. Without their support we simply could not have afforded an office, storage space or rooms in which to hold meetings.

If you would like to join these incredible people and support Tidal, find out how here.

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