Tidal Strategy 2015-2020



Leeds has a connected, effective and massive movement working to create a just and sustainable world.


From projects that practically demonstrate the sustainable alternatives, to groups fighting for reform and policy changes, and campaigns struggling for structural change to our economic and social systems – we believe that it’s only with a connected, effective and massive movement working from all these angles will we build a more just and sustainable world for everyone. This is why Tidal works to support, coordinate and grow global justice activism in Leeds in all its different forms. We believe that strong and diverse grassroots movements are vital to sustainable change. It’s our mission to help global justice activists in this city be as effective as they can possibly be.


Inspiring | Creative | Co-operative | Empowering

Aims and Strategy

We have identified 5 key aims for the next 5 years. This strategy is based on feedback from two public workshops, interviews with key stakeholders and a movement-wide survey, as well as our own analysis and passions. We have the capacity to deliver our core objectives but require additional resources to deliver the secondary objectives. These will be met through grants and new partnerships.

Aim 1

By 2020, a diverse programme of events and activities will mean that the global justice movement in Leeds will be much better connected, have more ways for people to get involved, and feel more fun to be part of.

Core objectives

  • Hold quarterly events for networking, support, sharing ideas, debates, connecting up and education for activists, groups and individuals.
  • Organise regular fun, social events (including fundraisers for groups/campaigns) to help groups and activists build good relationships and have a good time together.

Secondary objectives

  • Organise and run two large events like Summat New with workshops, lectures, art, music and action.
  • Develop more creative and inspiring ways for people to learn about and get involved in taking action on global justice issues in Leeds e.g. working with artists, entertainers, poets.

Aim 2

By 2020, global justice groups and individual activists will have access to significantly more of the skills and support needed to strengthen the movement and help build a more just and sustainable world.

Core objectives

  • Run regular training and skill-share sessions for activists in Leeds on a variety of identified issues (e.g. using social media, running effective meetings etc.)
  • Develop the Leeds for Change online skill-share network to enable activists to learn from and support one another more effectively.

Secondary objectives

  • Develop and support a buddying/mentoring project to help people start to make change and offer a supported entry point into activism.
  • Provide specific support to global justice groups in Leeds to help them build strong and healthy groups.
  • Run a campaigning course (possibly accredited) in communities in Leeds to get people skilled up in making change locally and globally.

Aim 3

By 2020, groups and activists will be able to use accessible and appropriate spaces that meet their needs and helps strengthen the movement.

Core objectives

  • Put the info gathered through the mappiness project onto Leeds for Change and develop it to include more venues that are currently listed on Leeds for Change.

Secondary objectives

  • Facilitate better use of existing meeting space and help to make additional space available for meetings and workshops (e.g. New/pop-up spaces in other buildings) and make info available online.
  • Help set up an accessible, central, alcohol-free, brilliant space that is a hub for activism, meetings and information, cross subsidised by a café or other business.

Aim 4

By 2020, Leeds for Change will be fulfilling its potential by helping strengthen relationships between groups, enabling more people to get involved in global justice action, and making it easy to share skills and resources.

Core objectives

  • Integrate and develop the Tidal/Leeds for Change monthly newsletter with a digest of actions and events, and work to increase its reach.
  • Get more global justice groups joining and effectively using the Leeds for Change website.

Secondary objectives

  • Help build partnerships between local community groups and campaigners on issues of common concern, to increase diversity of activists and encourage campaigns/projects to get out of the city centre.
  • Maintain a great press database for media work and make it available to global justice groups in Leeds.
  • Encourage and support more positive practical projects that demonstrate the future we want and work to build links with campaigns.

Aim 5

By 2020, we will have collaborated on or facilitated at least 5 different campaigns on global justice issues.

Core objectives

  • Leading, facilitating or supporting collaborative global justice campaigns in Leeds, to fight for a more just and sustainable world and help build solidarity and support between groups and individuals.

Secondary objectives

  • Leading, facilitating or supporting more collaborative global justice campaigns in Leeds, to fight for a more just and sustainable world and help build solidarity and support between groups and individuals.