DEADLINE: Application for Workshops at Educate Agitate Organise

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Come and run a workshop in Leeds on the 29th of April, at an activist gathering called Educate Agitate, Organise!

Please send answers to the questions below to with ‘Workshop Application’ as the subject, by Friday the 3rd of March 2017.

2016 was a year of profound change and political uncertainties, making it harder to imagine how we can work together to build a fairer and more sustainable world. In response to this, Leeds Beckett Student Union, Leeds for Change and Tidal are joining forces to organise a day-long gathering where people can – Educate, Agitate & Organise – around social and environmental injustice.

As with previous gatherings we have organised such as the Summat (which attracted over a 1000 people), we are putting a call out for an exciting, brain-tingling programme of workshops, that re-charge us for action. We are looking for fiery speaker panels, nourishing well-being sessions, mischievous creative workshops, and a range of action planning sessions. Together we will make it possible to nurture an even bigger movement towards a sustainable, alternative future…come what ‘May’.

To make this happen…

  • We are seeking workshops from a broad range of social and environmental justice groups (or amazing individuals!)
  • We are looking for educational workshops that are creative and fun, engaging and inspiring, challenging, yet accessible. We also welcome applications speaker panels, film screenings, wellbeing sessions, or creative sessions that use games, theatre, song or crafts.
  • Workshops should be aimed at a diverse audience of people from across the city.
  • We encourage groups working on similar issues to put in joint proposals if appropriate.
  • All workshops will be 50 minutes long and will take place between 11.30 am and 4 pm of April at Leeds Beckett University Union.

Extra Information

  • Session Length: Workshops will be in one hour slots throughout the day, in a variety of spaces. If you have any specific requirements regarding space or equipment, please state these below.
  • Travel reimbursement: We may also be able to assist with travel costs for those travelling from other cities, or those who need support. Please contact us at if you have any queries.
  • Facilitation/Chairing: We may be able to assist you with the facilitation or chairing of your workshop. Let us know below if you would like this support. We will also be running a training event on ‘Public speaking and Facilitation’ prior to the event to help you make sure the space is well facilitated and that all participants feel safe and included in discussions. Please state on the form below if you are interested in attending, or email for more details.



We are looking for workshops that fulfil the following aims of the event. We’ve given a couple of examples for each one, but please be creative in how you approach these aims! Don’t let us tie you down!

Educate workshops focus on skill-sharing and deepening our knowledge on social and environmental issues.
These sessions will give participants a better understanding of different struggles, and more ideas and ways to campaign against them. (E.g. ‘A history of The Basic Income’, or ‘How to involve young people in discussions about Climate Change’)

Agitate sessions ask the difficult questions, stir up discussions, start challenging debates and shake us up to take action! (E.g. ‘How to talk about Power and Privilege in our organising groups’, ‘How to tackle racism in our communities?’)

At organise sessions, we will take a hands-on approach and start action planning together!
This gathering will be an opportunity to work with people you’ve never met before. We see this as a great opportunity to organise and stay connected. ‘Organise’ sessions will create a space for plotting mischief together, and might even lead to new groups working together beyond the event itself. (E.g. workshops on ‘taking action against Fracking’, or ‘Craftivism: a creative response to injustice’)


Contact Information

Contact email:
Contact number:
Organisation/group (if applicable):

Workshop proposal
1. Proposed title for workshop:_________________________________________________

2. Please give a suggested blurb for your workshop to be included in the programme if it is accepted. Your blurb should be between 30 and 50 words.

3. Please give a more detailed outline of how you will deliver your 50 minute workshop, and briefly describe how it meets one or more of the aims above. If you could keep it less than 300 words we would be very grateful!

4. We have a variety of rooms that can be set up with tables and chairs, and AV equipment. Do you have any specific space and/or equipment requirements for your workshop?

5. Does your session have a maximum number of participants? If so, how many?

6. Are you or your guest speakers travelling from outside of Leeds. If so, do you need a travel reimbursement? YES/NO

6a. If YES – roughly how much will this travel cost?

7. Are you/members of your group interested in attending a workshop on ‘Public Speaking and Facilitation’ prior to the event ? (We are looking to run the workshop in early April, and we will contact you with the email address provided for further details) YES/NO


If your application is successful, we will inform you within 7 days of the application deadline. However we have a limited number of slots to fill, so may have to say no (or suggest combining the sessions) if your workshop is really similar to one already lined up.


Thank you SO MUCH for your application – we are really excited to bring the movement for justice together again!