TIDAL's Big Conversation

Notes from the meetings

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#1 Growing the Movement
(write up at Northern Indymedia)   (‘Movement by Numbers’ paper)

#2 Connecting the Movement

#3 Flourishing groups

#4 Engaged Activists

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About the Big Conversation

Our movement has much to be proud of. From chartering climate trains to London and stopping coal mining in Ledston to achieving Fairtade status for Leeds, we’ve made a tangible difference to this city and to the lives of the world’s poorest people.

But if we really want to tackle issues like climate change, global poverty and sustainability – issues of global justice – we need to take our campaigning to the next level. How do we connect all this great activism in Leeds together? How can we help activist groups be all they can be? How do massively grow our numbers so that we can demand not ask for change?

We’re holding a series of four themed discussions to start to address these very questions. You are warmly invited to come along, share your ideas and inspiration, and together shape the future of the global justice movement in Leeds.

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Mon 20th Sept | Growing the movement
What will it take to grow the movement?
7:30PM | Muir Court, off St Michael’s Road LS6 3AP
Co-hosted with TINWOLF Eco-Cafe
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Wed 13th Oct | Connecting the movement
How should we coordinate our activities?
7PM | Leeds Civic Hall
Co-hosted with Leeds WDM
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Wed 3rd Nov | Flourishing groups
What support do activist groups need to flourish?
7:30PM | Leeds Civic Hall
Co-hosted with Leeds Oxfam Group
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Thur 25th Nov | Engaged activists
How can we support the individual activist?
6:30PM | Leeds Church Institute
Hosted by Leeds Tidal
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