Crisis Opportunity?

We did it! On 27th October the people came to Crisis Opportunity? at the Swarthmore Centre to attend four of thirteen workshops, hear from twenty two contributors and be inspired by 86 other participants. Phew! Thank you to everyone who made a donation on the day, it is really helpful. If you were inspired by Crisis Opportunity? and would like to see more events and projects to create a monster of a global justice movement in Leeds then set up a regular donation to Tidal through localgiving. If you do it really soon you can get your donation doubled for the first three months! Great.

The day brought together activists in Leeds to examine two questions. 1. How can we thrive in a time of crisis? 2. Where are the opportunities for resistance? The plenary set the scene for the day exploring how the crisis has happened, how this is affecting us in Leeds and around the world and how we can turn it into an opportunity for global justice. To round of the plenary, we heard from Lucy Garbett about how Palestine is forming resistance in a time of crisis. We then had a fun packed day with loads of workshops, scarf making and seed sowing.

Want to reminisce or see what you missed? Check out a carefully edited album of the day:

Crisis Opportunity?

So, where now?

It’s the hardest part of an event like this – how do we put it all into practice? I’d love to hear anything that you’ve done as a result of the day. Please email hello[at]

Some people have already been inspired and there are a few things people would like to follow up. Get in touch if you want to join any of these events/conversations/actions:

- Organising around the G8. There was a meeting on 7th November and there will be another on 28th November at Veritas on taking radical action next Spring, and there will also be a gathering of people interested in the big Food Poverty coalition campaign that Lindsey Pearson from Christian Aid talked about during the workshop. Leeds Oxfam are organising a meeting on 5th December at Oblong at 7pm. Please contact Tidal if you would like to attend as there are limited spaces.
- Finding secrets to a healthy group. Some of the people who attended the workshop with Rhizome Co-op would like to know more! They are thinking about pooling some money to pay for a whole day workshop on the subject. If you’re interested in joining them email Tidal we’ll put you in touch.
- Thinking and feeling race. At the workshop with this name participants started exploring what race means to them and how it affects their organising. This is a big old issue and one that was only just started in 45 minutes! Anne Stewart, who ran the session, and others in the workshop are going to continue these conversations. Let Tidal know if you want to join in.
- Ending Fuel Poverty in Leeds. If you were inspired by the workshop or wanted to go but couldn’t, get in touch through
- Journeys through social action. How have we, personally got here? What keeps us going? These are some of the questions asked on the day, and ones that need to be explored further. There are a number of people who would like to continue these conversations, get in touch if you want to too.

If you would like to be involved with any of this, get in touch with Laura (Tidal Coordinator) at laura.mcfarlane-shopes[at] and she will give you more details.

Here are a few scribbled quotes by participants in closing circle (I was writing really fast so apologies if these are slightly different!):

“I particularly enjoyed the keynote speakers. Straight into the issues without the preable!”

“It was reinvigorating and challenging”

“Thanks for making this place so child friendly. I feel really inspired to get involved again.”

“Doing PSC I see the same group of people all the time, so it’s good to come together so you don’t feel like you’re isolated or on your own”

“Where else would I meet so many great people?!”

Finally, thank you to everyone who helped make it such an inspiring and energetic day. All the people who travelled to come to Leeds, Rocket Catering for the lovely lunch, Fikir Assefa for the tasty cakes, the Swarthmore Centre for hosting us, Leeds College of Art students for filming and taking photos, and a massive massive shout out to Footprint who kindly donated their labour to print our programmes, leaflets and posters.

But it would have all been rubbish if you all hadn’t come out and put all your time and energy into the discussions and activities during the day, so thank to everyone who came. If you enjoyed the day and would like to see more of this sort of thing in Leeds, help keep Tidal going with a monthly donation. We absolutely rely on these kind supporters, and we soon won’t exist if we don’t find more! Help us make a monster of a global justice movement in Leeds. If you start donating today, you can get your donation doubled by doing it through local giving. Thank you! See you next time.

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