Fair 10 - Results analysis

Well. We’ve trawled through a lot of answers to the challenge. We’ve been seriously impressed by the level of engagement of all the candidates who’ve submitted responses – many thanks to you all for sharing your views on these vital issues.


‘Marking’ the responses

There is one question we anticipate people asking, and it’s a fair one. Not all of the candidates submitted yes/no responses to the manifesto points. Where candidates did not give a yes/no answer to our questions, how did we decide what to mark them down as?

The first thing to keep in mind was that, in a sense, these are not our questions. The 10 point manifesto is comprised of questions submitted by and voted on by our supporters (over 100 of them!). They asked for answers to these questions – straight answers – and it is our duty to give clear responses to them.

Of course these are complex issues, and we were delighted when candidates gave detailed responses to them. But at the end of the day, specific questions were asked about specific issues, and each can be answered yes or no.

Where no explicit yes/no answer was given, we have marked a candidate down as saying ‘yes’ only where they explicitly support the measures raised in the question. Half marks have been awarded when a manifesto point consists of two or three questions, and the candidate explicitly supports half or two-thirds of them.

And it’s as simple as that.



So, the results are in and anyone concerned with global justice can check out their candidates’ views on the Fair 10 Challenge. Some have responded enthusiastically to the points raised, others actively chose not to give their opinion. Whatever’s down on your constituency page, we hope you find the results useful in deciding how to cast your vote this Thursday.

UPDATE: This post was updated at 6:40PM on 03/05/10 after the receipt of a response from Andrew Tear (Lib Dem, Leeds East), at 00:30AM on 04/05/10 after the receipt of a response from James Monaghan (Lib Dem, Morley & Outwood), and at 11:00AM on 06/06/10 after the receipt of a response from Alec Shelbrooke (Con, Elmet & Rothwell).

Taking a step back from the constituency level to that of Leeds as a whole, the results paint an interesting picture. Before we delve into the results, it’s worth noting what exactly the results can tell us. Let’s start with what they’re not; a barometer of individual candidates’ engagement with these issues, or some kind of magical measure on how progressive all of their policies on global justice issues are. If such a tool could ever exist, this is not it. All the results of this challenge can tell you is candidates’ views about the very specific points that we raised with them. Nothing more, but nothing less.

With that caveat in mind, let’s see what if anything we can learn from the responses.


To what extent did each party engage with the challenge?

Party No. of candidates who responded % of candidates who responded
Alliance for Green Socialism 3/3 100%
Liberal Democrats 8/8 100%
Labour 7/8 88%
Green Party 1/2 50%
Conservatives 3/8 38%
UKIP 1/5 20%

It’s worth re-iterating at this point that each and every candidate was emailed at least twice (and most often also written to and phoned up) to respond – if a response has not been given, it’s been a conscious choice.


What was the average ‘score’ of each party?

Party Average ‘score’ Range of scores within party
Alliance for Green Socialism 10 0
Liberal Democrats 9.6 1
Labour 5.7 5.5
Conservatives 2.8 2

The ‘range of scores’ figure is the gap between the ‘lowest’ and ‘highest’ scores given within each party.

The Green Party and UKIP submitted one response each, scoring 10 and 4.5 respectively. They have been left off the table simply because it is difficult to call either result an ‘average’. Similarly, with three responses given, the ‘average’ given for Conservatives may not be representative.


Which constituency gave the most responses?

Constituency No. of Responses Who responded
Leeds North West 5 AGS, Con, Green, Lab, Lib Dem
Elmet & Rothwell 3 Lab, Lib Dem
Leeds Central 3 Ind, Lab, Lib Dem
Leeds North East 3 AGS, Lab, Lib Dem
Leeds West 3 Con, Lab, Lib Dem
Pudsey 3 Lab, Lib Dem, UKIP
Leeds East 2 AGS, Lib Dem
Morley & Outwood 2 Lab, Lib Dem

Leeds North West played a blinder with 5 candidates submitting responses. All other constituencies had at least two responses, however Leeds East is the only constituency to have received just one response from the three largest parties.


Which were the most (and least) popular manifesto points?

Manifesto point No. of positive responses (out of 24) % of responses that were positive
6. Debt Tribunal 23 96%
10. Supermarkets 23 96%
8. Tax Evasion 21.5 90%
4. Climate Action 18.5 77%
9. 40% by 2020 18 75%
1. Refugee Rights 17 71%
5. Trident 16 67%
7. The Arms Trade 16 67%
2. Robin Hood Tax 15 63%
3. West Bank Produce 11 46%

The clear favourites were 6. Debt Tribunal, 8. Tax Evasion and 10. Supermarkets who all garnered between 20-23 positive responses. The rest of the responses generated between 15-18 positive responses each, with the exception of 3. West Bank Produce which garnered only 11 positive responses.


So there we have it, the results of the Fair 10 Challenge. We’d like to thank again all the candidates who took time out at their busiest to respond, and to our supporters, we hope this helps you make that difficult decision on Thursday.