Leeds Fuel Poverty Action

Leeds Fuel Poverty Action Network is a collection of individuals, community groups, residents’ associations, social enterprises and charities, all of whom are committed to wiping out fuel poverty in Leeds through both campaigning and practical action.


Who is Leeds Fuel Poverty Action and what do we do?

Leeds Fuel Poverty Action is comprised of a myriad of individuals and groups, some who play an active organisational role and some who play a supporting role, and has been holding regular meetings since August 2011. The group is committed to tackling fuel poverty in Leeds in a number of different ways:

  • Reforming the Energy Market

LFPA campaigns for a fair and equitable energy economy that can provide sustainable and affordable warmth for Leeds residents based on the provision of needs rather than the ability to pay.

LFPA is working on this in a number of different ways. We are campaigning through linking up with residents associations, faith groups and older people’s forums to put pressure on the ‘Big Six’ energy companies as well local and national policy makers for positive change.

We are encouraging local sustainable energy projects that reduce the dependency on the ‘Big Six’ energy companies, which have monopoly control over the energy industry in the UK and as such huge influence over UK energy prices.

  • Increasing the energy efficiency of homes in Leeds

 We are working with members from the LFPA network to increase the thermal efficiency of the housing stock in Leeds. This includes directing the public to organisations that can help them implement energy efficiency measures in their homes and encouraging take-up of already available government schemes and grants for insulation and other energy efficiency measures.

In addition, LFPA is committed to establishing a skill base of individuals and organisations in Leeds who possess the technical knowhow regarding super-insulation and retrofitting techniques.*

LFPA is also working to tighten building regulations to require developers achieve a high level of thermal efficiency of new builds in the city, and campaigning for more local and central government funding for insulation projects to improve the existing housing stock.

*LFPA member organisation SURE Insulation was recently awarded LEAF funding to produce a super-insulation manual in partnership with the LATCH housing association and LEDA Architects.

How can you, or your organisation, get involved with Leeds Fuel Poverty Action?

You, or your organisation, can get involved with Leeds Fuel Poverty Action in a number of different ways. We meet monthly to discuss progress on the various different projects we are working on to fight fuel poverty in Leeds and to decide the direction of the group.

Alternatively, if you would rather play a ‘supporting’ role, this is also possible.

If you agree with our aims and principles, and approve of the direction of the campaign so far, you can provide us with your organisation’s logo which we will place on our website. We will keep in touch with you via regular mailouts and info events which we will aim to tailor to suit the interests of our supporters.

If you would like to get involved in building the network and tackling fuel poverty, get in touch through hello[at]leedstidal.org or sign up to receive Leeds Fuel Poverty Action e-bulletins here:



Our Supporters:

LATCH: Leeds Action to Create HomesMedoria Solar