Leeds Summat 2011



What is the Summat?

Photo by Max Farrar

Politicians are always heading off to summits about important issues. The creation of the Leeds Summat in 2009 gave normal people the chance to discuss these issues too, but in a much more fun, more Yorkshire way! It’s neither a conference, nor a festival, nor a meeting. It’s a Summat!



Summat 2011

The Leeds Summat Gathering was held on Saturday 26th November 2011 from 9am to 9pm. An amazing 1,300 people attended.

The Summat was hosted by a partnership of local organisations, including Tidal. A full list can be found here. Many many thanks to all the amazing people and groups who helped make it such a huge success.

Photo by Max Farrar

The daytime event(9am – 5pm) was held at Leeds University Union.

It ran like this…

9am – 9:45am: for those keen to get started, a range of meditative and reflective activities.

9:30am: free breakfast.

10am: ‘The Big Questions’ opening debate FOR ALL, hosted by local BBC legend Harry Gration and a range of guest speakers and local folk, to get us all talking and chewing on the hot topics of the day.

11am – 5pm: the main daytime programme, featuring workshops, music, youth and kids activities, talks, networking, art, conversations, film, and much much more.

Tidal ran an all day activity – ‘Mappiness: the online playpen for Leeds global activism mapping’.


The daytime activities followed by the ‘Summat Enchanted Evening’ (5pm – 9pm) at Notre Dame College, featuring a giant tea and cake party and top-class music and performance.

Photo by Max Farrar


Thanks again to everyone who got involved. Visit http://www.summat.org/ for pictures and videos of the day and keep an eye out for details of Summat 2013.