Time to Act


The People’s Climate March last September was huge. With around 40,000 people marching in London, 400,000 in New York and many thousands more taking part across the world, together we made history.

2015 needs to be even bigger. The climate talks in Paris this December are crucial if we’re going to protect all that we love. Our movement is growing, and we’re more diverse and determined than ever before.

Across the UK people are already building change – from divestment of funds which prop up the fossil fuel industry, to frontline communities fighting unsustainable energy extraction and fracking, through to those paving the way for a transition towards a 100% renewable energy future which would bring about an estimated one million new climate jobs in the UK alone.  We know what needs to be done; the solutions are here now. Climate must be at the top of every politician’s agenda.

Now is the time to act.

Join us on March 7 to bring a message of urgency which cannot be ignored. Form blocs or join with others to show solidarity and strength.

And together let’s continue to power up and celebrate our movement – locally, nationally and internationally – throughout 2015, and beyond.

Travel details:

The coach will leave Bradford at 7am and will leave Leeds at 7.30am. You’ll need to arrive at least 10 minutes before departure to make sure we get to the mobilisation on time! Find out more details on the eventbrite page.

We’ll be leaving London at 5pm, so will get back to Leeds around 10pm and Bradford around 10.30pm

A really massive thank you to Unite NE/GEO/12 branch for their very generous contribution towards the coach.

Book your tickets now to join this historic day.

Before the day:

We’ve got lots to do to get ready! We have a plan to make a GIANT sea monster along with some beautiful creative placards and banners. Watch this space for details of prop-making sessions.

Of course, please feel free to bring your own too! There should be plenty of space in the bottom of the coach, but do be aware that they could get knocked about a bit, so try and make some sturdy props, folks.

Finally, please share this event with friends, family, schoolmates, colleagues, neighbours, fellow-bingo-players, tennis mates, everyone and everyone!

Join us on facebook or tweet that you’re coming using the hashtag #TimetoAct2015.