Tour de Tidal fundraising bike ride 2015

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Back in 2012 Tidal walked almost 100 miles along the Dales Way with 33 people raising over £3000. Now it’s time to go back to the hills! Inspired by le tour last year, we’ve decided to take our bikes out of the city smog and into the clean air of the Vale of York. We’d love to have at least 20 of us cycling – will you be one of the gang?

What’s the plan?

A lazily energetic bike ride around the Vale of York over a summer weekend to raise money for Tidal.


Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th June, 2015.


On the Saturday we will ride from Millenium Square in Leeds to York Station, then on to the pretty village of Kilburn where we’ll stay overnight. On Sunday we will ride back to Leeds via Easingwold.

How far?

The whole ride is about 100 miles. We hope you’ll join us for the whole weekend – we’ll be going at a leisurely pace with plenty of stops. But if you think that sort of a distance is beyond you, you could choose just to cycle the 33 miles from Leeds to York Station, then get the train back to Leeds. Or you could take the train to York and meet us there, before cycling on to Kilburn, then back to Leeds with the chance to catch a train at Cattal if you just don’t have the legs to get back to Leeds. This being Yorkshire, there are a few hills, mostly getting in and out of Leeds and Kilburn, but we’ve tried to choose a relatively flat route.

For those of you who might not find the distance a challenge, there’ll be the chance to take on the steep White Horse Bank – 25% gradient in places – to raise some extra money for Tidal.


We are hoping to attract cyclists of all abilities. For some, cycling 100 miles over a weekend will be the biggest cycling challenge they have faced, while others might ride over 100 miles a week. Some will decide that the 33 miles from Leeds to York is enough – and that’s fine. But as long as you do a reasonable amount of training – no lycra required – you should be okay, and there are some possible drop-out points if it all gets a bit too much. On the other hand, if you are an experienced cyclist, we really hope you’d still come and support us, and encourage less experienced cyclists.


We would ask each participant to raise at least £100 for Tidal. This can be done by fundraising, or by solidarity payments – you simply donate money in lieu of sponsorship – or a mixture of the two. We are hoping to raise at least £2,000, but of course the more the better. Compared to many other organisations, Tidal’s running costs are low, but we do need to pay our wonderful coordinator and provide the financial means to run the events we put on for the activist community.

If you decide to go for sponsorship, you can do this however you like – ask people to sponsor you a lump sum for the whole ride, or per mile, or whatever you think suits you and your supporters. We can give you a form to use, or you can set up your own fundraising page using If you do that, we can get gift aid on donations!

For the fitter and/or crazier Tidal cyclists, we challenge you to raise extra money by taking on the steep White Horse Bank just outside Kilburn as an optional extra. This is one of the steepest roads in Yorkshire, with an average gradient of 16% over its mile or so length, reaching 25% in the steepest places. On the Saturday evening, or perhaps the Sunday morning, there will be a chance for those who want to to test themselves against this hill. There will be a separate space on the sponsorship form for this.

Entry fee

We want this to be a great opportunity for Tidal supporters to spend time together and have some fun. But we also need to raise money so Tidal can keep doing all the work it does. So we have ask people to pay a fee in order to take part in order to cover costs; this is in addition to the sponsorship money. That way all the money raised can go towards the running of Tidal.

The entry fees are:

Overnight (including those beginning at York): £30. This includes dinner, accommodation in the Kilburn Institute (village hall), the costs associated with the support vehicle, and general administrative costs.

Leeds to York only: £10, covering administration and support costs.

Accommodation and luggage

We have booked the Kilburn Institute, their village hall, for the night of 6 June. This should hold everyone unless we get many more participants than expected (a nice problem we’d like to have!); it also has a kitchen. But there is also a pub in the village, the Forresters Arms, which has ten rooms – those who would like more comfortable accommodation might like to try to book one of those instead. We have no control over that, however.

We will have a support vehicle to carry the things you need for the overnight stay, so you only need to carry the things you need with you as you cycle.

Training and preparation

We’ll send you a training and preparation guide when you register. But if you are only an occasional cyclist, or just do a short daily commute, there is still plenty of time to get in shape. Begin with short distances and slowly build up. The key is to do it regularly – at least some riding almost every day – rather than a binge ride once a week.

Bikes and maintenance

Do make sure your bike is in good nick. Things like punctures generally can’t be helped as long as your tyres are not too old, but most other problems are the result of a lack of maintenance. So do take your bike to a bike shop, or the Peddlers Arms, and make sure you have it properly looked at early in your training.

When it gets to the ride itself, do feel free to bling your bike, though don’t overdo it as you have to cycle a long way. Home-made Tidal banners on bamboo poles look great, but by all means use your imagination.

Some of the more experienced cyclists will carry basic tools, and there will be more tools and some spare parts in the support vehicle. But we’d hope that people will be able to get through their rides without having to stop for repairs.

Ready to register?

Then book your spot through our event page on fatsoma (it’s like eventbrite but with MUCH lower fees – meaning more fundraising for Tidal).

Any questions?

Email and we’ll do our best to answer them. You can also join the facebook event.

See you on the road!

Training rides

In the lead-up to the Tour de Tidal there’ll be a number of training rides to help us make sure our bikes and our bodies are up for it. In particular, this will be an opportunity for less experienced riders to get a feel for cycling with a group and to highlight any mechanical or fitness issues in time to do something about them.

  • 2pm Sunday 26 April
  • 6.30pm Wednesday 6 May
  • 6.30pm Monday 11 May
  • 10am Saturday 23 May

If you’d like to join us, get in touch asap. As soon as we know who’s coming and their level of experience, we’ll firm up the routes and timings for these rides. For the first three rides, we’ll try to set a pace and distance to match the slowest. But we do ask that you get your bike checked over at a good bike shop or by someone who knows what they’re doing.

To find out more, ring or text Bill on 07474 873791 or David on 07411 924071.