Cafe Economique - Rethinking the Housing Crisis


When: Tuesday 2nd May at 19:30

Where: Seven Artspace, 31 Harrogate Road, LS7 3PD.

What: “Rethinking the Housing Crisis: from Market Failure to the Rentier City” – Dr Stuart Hodkinson, University of Leeds.

Dr Stuart Hodkinson is a Senior Lecturer in Critical Urban Geography at the University of Leeds. His work focuses on the political economy and lived experiences of neoliberal housing policies in the UK. He has conducted research on the history of council housing privatisation, the Private Finance Initiative, the Bedroom Tax and the rise of Global Corporate Landlords. This talk is a synopsis of a book he is writing on the UK housing crisis.


The UK is currently in the grip of a housing crisis marked by rampant unaffordability with London its epicenter. Dominant political, media and academic narratives overwhelmingly frame this housing crisis primarily as one of market failure with a focus on boosting supply. But what is this a crisis of? Who is it a crisis for? Where is the crisis being felt? And how did we get here? By answering these questions within an historical context, the speaker will argue that rather than market failure, the housing crisis represents the desired outcome of a long-term neoliberal project aimed at building the rentier city that can be increasingly found across the world.

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