Cafe Economique - Why Health Inequalities Matter to All of Us


When: Tuesday 7th March at 19:30.

Where: Seven Artspace, 31 Harrogate Road, LS7 3PD.

What: Introduced by Dr Martin Schweiger, Public Health Consultant, Society of Friends (Quakers).

Health can be viewed as being in a state of harmony with yourself and the world around you. Wide variation in health experiences across society puts great strain on the way society can function. We know that resources make a substantial difference to individual and community health, because health is greatly influenced by access to good food, housing, warmth and other things that have financial costs associated with them. Experience in many parts of the world and closer to home in Leeds demonstrates that inequality in health hurts us all.

Dr Martin Schweiger was born in London, the son of a refugee orthopaedic shoemaker. Enjoyed the smell of leather and fresh cut wooden lasts, but decided that the smell of disinfectant and ether was more attractive.

Medical training in Leeds included being taught how to take blood pressures properly by the newly appointed Professor Monty Losowsky at St James’s University Hospital. After qualifying in 1972 and enjoyed two years in junior medical posts at Airedale General Hospital. Intended going to Bangladesh for ten days but eventually stayed on for six years and returned to England with one wonderful wife and two great children. Became angry at preventable suffering and dying. Increasingly convinced that prevention was better than cure. He trained in what was then called Community Medicine and was appointed as a public health consultant in 1985 in Leeds. Working with local government, health services and community organisations provided the opportunity to contribute to several areas of real health gain including improved school toilets, stronger immunisation programmes and outbreak management. Now working as a Consultant in Communicable Disease Control with Public Health England leading the national professional standards for HPZone, a web based documentation, decision and management support system for those working on health protection.

The event is £4 on the door. For more information please visit either the Seven Arts website or the Eventful website.