Global Health Documentary ‘They Go To Die’

9th March 15.45 at Hyde Park Picture House, Leeds

Medsin Leeds and RESULTS UK are proud to present a screening and Q&A with the director of new hard hitting global health documentary ‘They Go To Die’.

The film follows the lives of four former migrant goldmine workers in South Africa and Swaziland who have contracted drug resistant Tuberculosis (TB) and HIV while working at a gold mine. When the miners fail to improve their TB status at the mine hospital they are sent home to rural areas of Southern Africa with no continuation of care or means for treatment. The men are ‘sent home to die’.

Event will be followed by a post-screening reception to discuss issues raised during the film with the film’s director, Yale epidemiologist Jonathan Smith. The Director particularly welcomes those who are interested in issues surrounding migration and global health, or would like to hear about current advocacy and campaigning work being done to bring about change in the lives of miners and their communities.

Entrance is free.

For more information see here.