Leeds for Change (hub website)


It’s here!

How did you start making change in Leeds?

Did someone take you along to a protest? Did you see a poster for a meeting and get chatting to someone after? Did you see something that made you angry and start your own group?

Lots of people don’t make it. They might read a story about the mistreatment of asylum seekers, think that’s terrible but not know how to start taking action. They might be facing the bedroom tax, but not know that there are others out there who are fighting it together.

We want to make it easy.

We want to create a website where you can find out about all the wonderful campaign and action groups in Leeds, so that whatever you want to change, you can find others like you.

We also want to use this website to help already existing groups better share resources, skills and events so that we can make a massive movement for social change in Leeds.

So what’s the plan?

To build a ‘hub website’ for social action in Leeds to better share resources, provide a make it easy for people to get involved and to connect action for social change. It will be open to all charities, third sector groups, trade unions, political, faith, campaigning, discussion and cultural groups, and individuals who support its core values of justice, equality and solidarity.

This website will be called Leeds for Change and is a beautiful collaboration between Leeds Tidal, Together for Peace and Taking Soundings.

The site will feature:

– a shared calendar of social change events in Leeds
– a page on each group in the city who joins
– campaign pages
– a Skill Share resource to up-skill your group or share skills you’ve already got
– ways to message other members of the site to start campaigns
– online campaign resources including map of cheap/free meeting spaces, shared equipment, an e-petition facility plus lots more
– a blog
– an archiving project of radical action in Leeds – let’s learn our history!
– daily inspiration

Check out our beautiful video which will hopefully get you excited about the project as we are:

Find out more about the organisations and groups featured in the video.

How will this be funded?

We currently have £5400 from grants, donations and a wonderful crowdfunding campaign. The designers say that we need a total of £6000 to make our website. We will charge a small subscription to member groups/organisations, so hope that will raise another £600.

How can I join?

If you are wanting to join as an individual, you’ll just have to wait! The website is being launched on 7th April at 5pm – so come along to the launch!

If you would like to sign up your group, please see the group membership details and values explanation.

Leeds for Change Group Membership v2 – FINAL

Or you can email info@leedstidal.org and we can send you these documents.

When’s the launch?

Leeds for Change Beta* Launch

Monday 7th April
Ebor Court, Westgate, LS1 4ND
Tickets: Free but you need to register

The launch will give you the opportunity to be amongst the first to see the website, sign up to be a member and get a guided tour by the people who made it.

You’ll also get the chance to meet changemakers from across the city and see how the site will help to better connect people who are working to make Leeds a better place.

Plus you’ll be able to see how the website will make creating change in Leeds something that is really easy to get involved with for those wanting to get started.

We’ll be holding a big public launch further down the line to really push involvement in social change activity to the whole of Leeds.

This event is free, but you must register via eventbrite. So get yourself registered now!

For more info, see the facebook event or eventbrite page. Any questions, email Laura at info@leedstidal.org

*’Beta’ is just tech-speak for draft version of the website – until real people (i.e. you!) start using it, we won’t know whether all our ideas will work!

Want to know more?

Get in touch through Tidal: hello[at]leedstidal.org and put ‘Leeds for Change’ in the subject heading. We particularly welcome getting in touch if you are from a group that would like to join. We’re very happy to meet up and talk about it all – as we’re still developing the website, now’s the time to help make it great!

Keep up to date via our Facebook Page or Twitter.