Leeds for Change - group membership


Thanks very much for your interest in having your group or organisation join Leeds for Change. The groups who join are at the very heart of the website and we hope you are as excited as we are about joining.

Who can join

Any non-profit group, organisation, project, charity, union, society, faith group or sports club who are working in Leeds towards social change with the values of solidarity, justice and equality.


While most of the Leeds for Change website is accessible for the public to view, most of the areas of participation require either individual or group membership.

By becoming a group member you can:

– Create a profile page for your group or organisation with a photo, description, how people can get involved and a chance for people to sign up to your mailing list
– Post unlimited events on the shared calendar to reach a wide and diverse new audience
– Recruit new members via your profile page and events
– Receive group support from other members through the Leeds Skillshare Network
– Collaborate on new campaigns or projects by groups and organisations seeing your new profile page
– Be a ‘featured group’ on the home page of the website
– Write blog articles to share experience and learning, or tell people all about your group
– Enter the Leeds for Change awards to showcase all your incredible work

Annual Membership Fee

Leeds for Change has received grants and donations to build the initial website, but needs to raise funds to keep it in working order, pay volunteer expenses, publicity etc. The annual membership fees allow the project to be a bit sustainable, while the sliding scale means that all groups can join.

Of course, if your group is able to donate more than the membership fee, we would be very grateful for the contribution to the site.

Organisational Annual Income*

Membership fee
Less than £500: Free
£500 – £5000: £10
£5000 – £10,000: £20
£10,000 – £20,000: £30
£30,000 and over: £40

*Please note that ‘income’ refers to annual income for the group or organisation joining. Groups or organisations who are part of a national or regional umbrella body just count their own group’s income. For example, the local Oxfam group would count their group income, not Oxfam GB’s income.

We do not want the membership fee to be a barrier to any group joining. So, if you would love your group to join, but are unable to pay the membership fee, please get in touch at: info@leedstidal.org

How to join

Right now we’re building the last bits of the website, ready to launch on Monday 7th April 2014. We are looking for a select number of groups to sign up one week earlier to test the website. If you would like to help us put the final touches on the website by joining on 31st March, or to register your interest, please contact us at: info@leedstidal.org

From 7th April the website will be live. At this point you will be able to go to www.leedsforchange.org.uk and fill in the online application form.

If you’d like to download a version of this information, you can do so here:
Leeds for Change Group Membership v2 – FINAL