Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge

three peaks fundraiser

Back in 2012 Tidal walked almost 100 miles along the Dales Way with 33 people raising over £3000. In 2015 Tidal organised a Tour-de-Tidal Bike ride around the Vale of York and raised over £2000. This year we’ve decided to take walking boots over the Three Yorkshire Peaks – on the nearest weekend to the Summer Solstice – will you join us?

What’s the plan?

A hike up the Three Yorkshire Peaks, near the Summer Solstice to raise money for Tidal. The Solstice is on Wednesday the 21st of June, however, to make the hike more accessible to those in full time work, we will be walking  on Saturday the 24th of June (daylight hours are pretty much the same).


Saturday the 24th of June 2017


We’ll meet at Leeds City Station at 6 am to get the 06.19 train, arriving in Horton in Ribblesdale at 07.24 am. We will aim to start the walk as soon as we all arrive, and get over Pen-y-ghent in the morning. Then we will walk through the Riddlehead viaduct around midday, before to reaching Whernside and start its ascent in the afternoon. Then we will descent towards the base of Ingleborough for the final ascent of the walk. We will finish with a walk through the Limestone Pavements, and end back at Horton in Ribblesdale with plenty of time for a celebratory drink before the 10.56 pm train back to Leeds that evening.

How far?

The whole walk is roughly 39km (24 miles) which is usually completed in 10-14 hours.
To make the hike accessible and safe we will have a support vehicle come to meet us between each peak. The vehicle will bring us a fresh supply of water, refreshments and food. It will also provide a get out point, and a lift back to to the station in case anyone feels they need to stop.

We’ll be going at a leisurely pace with plenty of stops. But if you think that sort of a distance is beyond you, you could choose just to walk the 18km from Horton in Ribblesdale to Blea Moor Road, and then hop into the support vehicle. Or you could jump out after Ingleborough at Low Sleights Road, after 28.5km. If you know you will only want to do part of the walk, please give us as much notice as possible.

Who for?

We are hoping to attract hikers of all abilities. For some, walking 39km overnight will be the biggest hiking challenge they have faced, while others might have walked this distance numerous times. Some will decide that the 18km from Horton in Ribblesdale to Blea Moor Road is enough – and that’s fine. But as long as you do a reasonable amount of training – you should be okay, and there are drop-out points if it all gets a bit too much. On the other hand, if you are an experienced hiker, we really hope you’d still come and support us, and encourage less experienced hikers.


We are hoping to raise at least £2,000, but of course the more the better. Compared to many other organisations, Tidal’s running costs are low, but we do need to pay our coordinator and provide the financial means to run the events we put on for the activist community.

Which is why we would ask each participant to aim to raise at least £100 for Tidal.

This can be done by creating a fundraising page for yourself, via TIDALs Local Giving page (which also gives us Gift Aid on top!) You can fundraise on here however you like – either ask people to sponsor you a lump sum for the whole walk, or per mile, or whatever you think suits you and your supporters.

Registration fee

We want this to be a great opportunity for Tidal supporters to spend time together and have some fun. But we also need to raise money so Tidal can keep doing all the work it does. So we have to ask people to pay a fee in order to take part in order to cover costs (this is in addition to the sponsorship money). That way all the money raised can go towards the running of Tidal.

  • The registration fee is £30. This will help us cover the cost of food, fuel, a donation towards our Mountain Leaders, Support Vehicle drivers, and general administration costs.
  • However if this fee is a barrier please get in touch with Maia (maia.kelly@leedstidal.org) to arrange a waiver
  • Also – If you manage to raise over £150 through sponsorship, you can choose to have your registration fee refunded after the walk.

Preparation Guide

What to bring

  • Shoes: Good comfortable waterproof boots, approach boots or trainers (if you can deal with wet feet) are recommended. What’s most important is that they are broken in and you feel comfortable and confident wearing them on steep or slick rock and mud.
  • Head torch: fully charged (if rechargeable or spare batteries).
  • Socks: 9/10 blisters are caused by wearing the wrong socks! Wicking socks such as wool, synthetic wicking socks, or merino wool are the best (don’t wear cotton or sports socks).
  • Thermals: to create a good layering system, wear thermals or wicking trousers and top (something that doesn’t hold moisture close to your body and make you cold). This could be something woollen or a synthetic fabric designed to wick.
  • Jumper (Fleece/Wool): A fleece jumper is great lightweight and breathable way to keep warm.
    Waterproofs: Definitely take a waterproof jacket and trousers just in case
  • Jacket: Take an insulated jacket along with you in a bag. This will be great on the peak, and also handy to sit on when eating, to prevent your body temperature dropping during rest breaks at the bottom.
  • Hats and gloves: just in case
  • Plenty of water: the support car will have lots of water to top up our bottles between each peak, but we’d recommend you bring at least a 1 to 2 litre bottle with you for the first peak.
  • Snacks and Caffeine: lightweight and high energy is recommended, but what you bring is up to personal preferences!
  • A small Rucksack: preferably with a chest strap and hip belt to distribute the weight over your body (to carry the snacks, water, hats, gloves and jacket)


If you are only an occasional hiker, there is still plenty of time to get a few hills under your belt before the Solstice. Remember it’s a 39km/24 mile hike, so we’d recommend you don’t go into the without at least trying out a few big walks beforehand (at least 10 miles).

If you are not an experienced hiker we recommend that you join us on the first weekend of June, for a training walk up Pen-y-Ghent. This will be a good chance to try out your kit, and get mentally and physically prepared for the hike. This is a great introduction to the route, as it’s the steepest but the shortest and smallest of the Peaks. We will also stay around for drinks and de-brief after the walk. Please RSVP to maia.kelly@leedstidal.org if you’d like to attend.

Ready to register?

Then book your spot through our Fatsoma Page (it’s like eventbrite but with MUCH lower fees – meaning more fundraising for Tidal).

We will then email you a Consent Form, and ask for your dietary requirements.

Any questions?

Email maia.kelly@leedstidal.org.

You can also join the facebook event.

See you in the Dales!