Keep Co-op Bank Ethical

Ethical Consumer campaign:-

Don’t switch from the Co-op Bank yet. Sign up to a new campaign to make sure the Co-operative Bank sticks to its principles and – eventually – comes back into full co-operative ownership where it belongs.

A new campaign is urging existing Co-op Bank customers not to move their accounts from the Co-op in an effort to ensure that the bank sticks to its ethical principles.

The Save Our Bank campaign which is backed by Ethical Consumer magazine has been launched in response to the ongoing crisis at the Co-op Bank. Many of the bank’s customers are now questioning whether the bank’s new ownership structure will guarantee the bank’s ethical principles.
Ethical Consumer co-editor Rob Harrison said:
“Save Our Bank is now urging existing Co-op Bank customers not to move their accounts yet and instead wait to see if the bank’s new owners will guarantee that they will retain the Co-op’s existing ethical principles.”

“The bank’s new owners need to understand that if the bank abandons its ethical principles then millions of customers will abandon the bank. If this happens then the Co-op’s dead in the water and their investment will be worthless.”

“If customers leave now there’s no chance to join any later collective campaigns of customers in the face of weakening ethical standards.”

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