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NoTTIP Presents: Party Against CETA! feat Soulnaturals and Reptiles with more TBA (London Event)


When: Thursday, 28th July, 19:00-1:00.

Where: Amersham Arms, 388 New Cross Road, SE14 6TY, London. (map).

What:┬áStudents Against TTIP UK and Momentum Arts bring you “NO TTIP presents: Party Against CETA!”

TTIP and CETA are shady trade deals being negotiated by the EU. They are the biggest corportae power grabs seen in decades, and they threaten some of the most important aspects of our society. From public services like the NHS, to workers rights, to our basic human rights, everything is at stake. TTIP and CETA even threaten access to and funding for music and the creative industries.

What’s the best way to fight a corporate power grab? With a big party obviously!

There have been millions of people fighting back against these dodgy trade deals across the world. Thanks to this, TTIP is on the rocks. But its evil twin CETA is threatening to slip under the radar.

Join the movement and party with us to celebrate the success of the fight against TTIP, and rally against its evil cousin CETA. Line up and more info about TTIP, CETA and the event presenters below!

This party is taking place in Lewisham as London’s first and only TTIP FREE ZONE! Hundreds of local councils across Europe have been coming together to declare themselves against TTIP & CETA – and Lewisham is right in there repping London!


An all women collective of singers bringing us high quality UK Soul/RnB.


A crew of cold-blooded four piece rock and roll group from London.

What is TTIP & CETA?!

‘What is TTIP and why should we be angry about it?’, The Guardian (August 2015) –
Check out the info below if you wanna know more about these shady trade deals:

‘What is TTIP?’, War on Want –

‘What is CETA?’, Global Justice Now –

Artists Against TTIP –

To find out more, contact Kate at 07490 213745 or message Students Against TTIP.