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Student Sustainability Conference


When: 3rd February 2017.

Where: University of Leeds.

What: The University of Leeds will be hosting it’s first Student Conference on Sustainable Futures. This unique event, open to Leeds students at any level (UG, PGT, PGR), from all disciplines, will showcase research, projects and creativity relating to an aspect of sustainability. The theme of the conference is ‘Sustainable Perspectives on Future Challenges’, a broad theme which could include innovative work in carbon reduction or urban development, challenges in healthcare, social equality, policy and governance, international trade, sustainable energy, the circular economy, food security or any topic which has a positive impact in society.

The conference will consist of a poster exhibition in Parkinson Court, along with oral presentations taking place in morning and afternoon sessions. Projects which take the form of a music, dance, spoken word performance, art installation or practical demonstration will also be hosted in suitable locations throughout the day.

For more information please go to the University of Leeds website at:

All Our Tomorrows?

Newsletter event

When: Saturday 4th February from 14:30 until 17:00

Where: St Andrew’s community Hall, LS8 1DS.

What: A winter afternoon for all the family. Banner-making, Craft, Quizzes, Music, Food, Drama, Displays about our Environment locally – globally.

Sample world foods from vulnerable countries. Make your own ‘For the Love of’ badge. Hear a school choir of African songs. Ask our MP about climate change policy. Learn what more can be done.

Family [2 adults + 2 children or 3 children + 1 adult] – £5.00 or Adult – £2.50

For more information please email or alternatively you can visit these websites:

Cafe Economique - Modern Day Slavery Trade


When: 7th February at 19:30

Where: Seven Artspace, 31 Harrogate Road, LS7 3PD.

What: Introduced by Professor Gary Craig.

Professor Gary Craig has been Professor of Social Justice at two UK Universities. He led the team which produced the first national scoping study on contemporary slavery in the UK and has been active over the past twelve years in researching, writing and campaigning around modern slavery issues such as human trafficking, child labour and forced labour. He was presented with an award last year by the Home Secretary for his ‘outstanding contribution to the struggle against modern slavery. He is based at the Wilberforce Institute for the study of Slavery and Emancipation in Hull.

For most people in the UK, slavery still conjures up images of the Transatlantic slave trade and the name of William Wilberforce. When people think about slavery in a modern context, they tend to relate to people enslaved in authoritarian states, or exploited workers in poor countries, making clothes, shoes, jewels and products for the construction industry. This talk will outline the rapidly growing scope and nature of modern slavery within the UK, recent moves to legislate against it and the links between slavery in the UK and elsewhere in the world. We are all implicated in this modern slave trade and can all take action to combat it.

For more information on the event please go to the Seven Arts Website.

Where To Invade Next?

michael moore

When: 17th February at 19:00 (19;30 start time)

Where: Kirkgate Community Centre, Shipley. BD18 3EH

What: Global Justice Bradford Invites you to the film showing of Michael Moore’s Where To Invade Next. Prepare to be Liberated!

Following a succession of disastrous military campaigns, Michael Moore suggests a different approach, playfully visiting various nations in Europe and Africa as a one-man “invader” to take their best ideas back to America.
Whether it is Italy with its generous holidays, France with its gourmet school lunches, Germany with its progressive industrial policy, Norway and unique prison system, Tunisia and its strongly progressive women’s policy, or Iceland and its strong female presence across public life, Michael Moore discovers there is much that American could take from others without firing a shot.

A great look at positive alternative ways societies can operate, and funny too. Entery £3 suggested donation and light refreshments available.

For more information please go to the Kirkgate Centre website here.

Agitate, Educate, Organise


When: Saturday 29th April 2017 10:00 – 17:00

Where: Leeds Beckett Students’ Union, LS1 3HE.

What: 2016 was a year of profound change and political uncertainties, with a fairer and more sustainable world seeming ever more distant.

In response to this Leeds Beckett Students’ Union in partnership with Leeds for Change are organising a public event where people can explore ideas, politics, and action for a progressive, sustainable, social future.

More Information Coming soon…