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Keep Streets Live Activist Forum - Creative Resistance For Freedom in Public Spaces


When: Sunday 5th July 10:00 – 17:00.

Where: Wharf Chambers Leeds (map).

What: The Keep Streets Live Activist Forum is a day long event in Leeds, West Yorkshire this July. It is a unique opportunity for anyone who values street culture to share experiences, build community and ask questions together about how best to nurture and protect street culture in the face of increasing moves to use criminal law to stifle grassroots culture.

This day long event is open to anyone who wants our streets and public spaces to be open to the arts and other grassroots community uses. What actions are we prepared to take to defend the freedoms of public space? How can the power of art and music be harnessed to resist policies that stifle creativity and spontaneity? How can buskers, street artists/performers and their supporters build community and best work together for public spaces that are open to the arts?

The Keep Streets Live Campaign is responding to this challenging political landscape through a combination of creative protest and working alongside local authorities wherever possible to advocate for policies that support and nurture grassroots street culture.

For free tickets visit the event page here.