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Global Justice Now goes to the European Summer University for Social Movements


When: Aug 22 at 9 AM to Aug 28 at 9 PM

Where: Université Toulouse – Jean Jaurès, 5 allées Antonio Machado, 31058 Toulouse Cedex 9 Toulouse, France


Join Global Justice Now as we travel to Toulouse for the European Summer University for Social Movements (ESU). The ESU is a unique gathering of over 1000 people for five days to explore big issues, share ideas and experiences and build the global movement against racism, corporate power and climate injustice. More info at

The ESU is organised by Attac – an international network of activists fighting for democratic, ecological alternatives to our current system. Global Justice Now is the Attac group in the UK.

A group of us will be travelling together from London in the morning of Tuesday 22 August and getting back to London in the evening of Tuesday 29 August. Join us for an amazing trip!

Exact details, including booking options, will be confirmed soon.


The ESU will bring together some of the most dynamic and interesting campaigners, activists and writers in Europe. Over five days there will be debates, introductory talks, workshops and discussions on a huge range of issues, including:

• fascism, populism and the rise of the far right
• refugee rights and migrant solidarity
• the power of finance capitalism
• fighting for climate justice in the 21st century
• the future of Europe
• alternatives to capitalism and neoliberalism
• devising high-impact creative actions
• building social movements in a time of crisis

That’s just a taste. There will be lots, lots more, including a strand of events run by and for young people. And as well as debate and discussion, the ESU is also about celebration and building community. There will also be an extensive cultural programme as part of the event, with live music, theatre, film screenings and more.

Follow this link to see the FULL PROGRAMME


To help young people participate in the ESU, Global Justice Now is offering a major subsidy for 16 young people (aged 18-27). For train travel and accommodation for the event you’ll just need to pay £50.

To secure your subsidised place, phone the Global Justice Now office on 0207 820 4900 and make a card payment.

We will take bookings on a first-come-first-served basis, so book early. We are hoping to close the bookings for subsidised youth places by 31 May, so definitely book by then!


If you’re not sure and want more information, we’re happy to chat over email or talk to you about it in person. Just reply to me by email or give us a call on 02078204900 and ask to speak to Ed, Sam or James.

Fast Forward Festival 2017


When: Sep 1 at 4 PM to Sep 3 at 4 PM

Where: Thornbridge Outdoors, Great Longstone, DE45 1NY Bakewell, Derbyshire

What: Fast Forward 2017: Build Commons, Build Counter-power

At Fast Forward 2017 we want to delve further into these ideas, to discuss, imagine and develop what it means to build commons and build counter-power. We want you to join us for three days of talks, workshops, parties, childcare, food and commoning!

It’s been nine years since the start of the economic crisis and all through that time, whether stock markets dip or recover, we’ve suffered a worsening economic, environmental and social crisis. We have run-away climate change, falling real wages, precarious and zero-hour contracts, the rise of the ‘gig-economy’, social cleansing, and a housing and social care crisis. Around the world, governments have shifted private debt onto public purses, while accelerating neo-liberal reforms and austerity.

Now, the political system is facing an existential crisis of legitimacy. This started as movements began to challenge the dominant view of the crisis and who was to blame. From anti-austerity movements to the ‘movement of the squares’ – we have been on the streets for a long time. As some of these movements ended they transformed into upsurges of hope and mobilisation within electoral politics – from Syriza in Greece, Podemos in Spain, Bernie Saunders in the USA and Jeremy Corbyn in the UK.

These have led to glimpses of something new, a sense that change might be possible with progressive politics in government. Parallel to this, but not unconnected, we have also been gripped by feelings of fear and despair. We have witnessed dramatic shifts to the right, with nationalism and racism on the rise. The far-right have tried to exercise power through, on the one hand, winning local and state power, and on the other, carrying out organised attacks against migrants and mosques.

In this age of accelerating crises, the question of power becomes central.

With the recent turn to electoral politics we have seen a renewed focus on the power of the State. But there are other means of exercising power and we must work out how they can interact. There’s the power to withdraw our labour and our rent, our power to block the circulation of goods, and interrupt business as usual. Allied to this is our capacity to live life differently, to live despite capitalism, to live life in common. This means building the commons in two different ways. Firstly, we must wrest the existing commons from the clutches of capital. Secondly, we have to carve out new spaces of autonomy in, against and beyond capital and the State.

Laying the foundations for a post-capitalist society will require the building of diverse forms of social organisation, an emphasis on building non-capitalist forms of consciousness, and finding new sites of struggle. For Plan C, this currently means pursuing the combined strategies of social strike, directional demands and radical municipalism, but we want to learn from your perspectives, strategies and modes of organising.

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When: 4pm Thurs 7th – 4pm Sun 10th September 2016

Where: Moorside Ln, Addingham, Ilkley LS29 9JX, UK

What: Grassmovement Festival was born out of a love for activism. Being part of mobilisations, mass-movements and actions – we felt invigorated by the feeling that change is slow, but change is coming. Yet when we spoke to our friends, colleagues and associates, we realised that this feeling was something that we felt in isolation. With Grassmovement we want to help everyone have their voice heard, or to work to alleviate some of the issues that they see in society and the world, in whatever capacity they wish.

Alongside this we recognise that there are issues within activism that we also want to address. Burnout and poor wellbeing are huge issues and we want to incorporate ideas of self-care into all the work we do. At the forefront of everything we do is creativity, which has just as much of a place in social movements as economic models and food supplies!

So with these ideas, we decided to create a family-friendly festival, to bring together all walks of life into one space. In this space we could share ideas and skills, create memories and networks, ignite a movement for change and disperse, back to our communities and homes, to share our learnings. The festival will follow this structure, Share, Create, Ignite, Disperse… and we hope to see you there!

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Accidental Anarchist: Life Without Government


When: 9 September, 14:30
Hyde Park Picture House, 73 Brudenell Rd, Leeds LS6 1JD
Carne Ross was a British Diplomat who became disillusioned by British Foreign policy. The lies of the Blair government, the dodgy dossier, and the death of David Kelly made him question his belief that he was working for ‘the good guys’.

The murderous intervention in Iraq made him give a submission to the Chilcot inquiry contradicting the official version of events. He resigned from the diplomatic service and embarked upon a road to discover a politics that put people first. He became an anarchist.

The film looks at people’s endeavours to build direct democracies. Carne visits Marinaleda in Spain, a New York co-op, a neighbourhood mobilisation to help victims of Hurricane Sandy, talks to Noam Chomsky and finally travels to Rojava in Northern Syria.

In all, a moving and uplifting portrayal of hope, and peoples’ desires to live fulfilled and purposeful lives without the arbitrary dictates and whims of leaders.

Hosted by: Leeds Friends of Rojava

Leeds Zine Fair


When: Sun 10th September 2017, 11am-6pm

Where: Left Bank, LS6 1LJ

What: For the third year running, the Leeds Zine Fair is back at the fabulous former church of Left Bank for a massive celebration of zines, self publishing, radical politics and DIY culture.

There will be a wealth of stuff going on with over 50 stalls, workshops, a film screening, a Zine in a Day printed there and then from punters’ contributions, food, a licensed bar and much more!

The Leeds Zine Fair is being organised by Footprint – Leeds’ zine-happy radical printing co-operative. We’ll keep updating this page as we confirm details of stallholders and events at the fair.

We want this event to be as inclusive as possible. We firmly ask that you do not sell anything with content that is racist,sexist/misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, classist or ableist.

Hosted By: Footprint Workers Co-operative