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Leeds Carbon Conversations Group


When: All sessions are between 19:00-21:00pm. There are 6 sessions taking place on 28/1, 11/2, 25/2, 11/3, 25/3. With the final session decided by the group.

Where: HEART Centre, Bennett Road, LS6 3HN (map).

What: Carbon Conversations Groups offer a supportive group experience that helps people halve their personal carbon footprint.

The meetings use professionally designed, reliable materials to cover climate change basics, ideas for a low-carbon future and the four key areas of the footprint – home energy, travel, food and other consumption. Discussions of practicalities are woven together with discussions of how people feel and what these changes mean personally. Carbon reductions of 1 tonne CO2 are typically made by each member during the course, with plans developed to halve individual footprints over a 4-5 year period.

Basic facilitation training equips suitable volunteers to facilitate effective, stimulating groups. Carbon Conversations groups operate well as a cascade scheme. Carbon Conversations is an excellent tool that complements other carbon-reduction initiatives and community projects.

Cost: £20 including the handbook and refreshments.

Reservation: Contact Tony Herrmann