Milena Buchs: Postgrowth: what about welfare and wellbeing?


When: Thursday 16th March, 2017 from 18:00 to 19:30

Where: Room CL311, Calverley Building, Leeds Beckett University, Woodhouse Lane, LS1 3ES.

What: Leeds Taking Soundings presents: Postgrowth: what about welfare and wellbeing? with Milena Buchs.

‘In recent years, ideas of postgrowth economies have been gaining much wider appeal. This approach is based on critiques of economic growth from environmental and social perspectives, and on increasing fears about whether Western economies are entering an era of “secular stagnation”. In this setting, economic growth becomes both less desirable and less achievable.

All this has important implications for debates about the future of welfare and wellbeing. Advocates of postgrowth offer many good arguments about how social wellbeing can be maintained and even improved. However, they require more critical consideration. This is because the present welfare state and wellbeing are tightly coupled with growth-based capitalist market economies.

This talk aims to provide an overview and invites discussion of the main arguments about welfare and wellbeing in the postgrowth debate which is also the focus of our current Palgrave Pivot book project (co-authored with Max Koch).’

Milena Buchs is an Associate Professor in Sustainability, Economics, and Low Carbon Transitions at the University of Leeds. Milena’s background is in sociology and social policy. Her current research focusses on the relationship between low carbon transitions, welfare and well-being. More here.

A link to the Taking Soundings Website with information on the event is here.