Pride is a Protest


When: 6 August at 14:00–16:00

Where: Millennium Square, Leeds, LS2 3AD

What: The UK’s asylum and immigration, policing and prison systems regularly criminalises and persecutes LGBT* people of colour, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers on entering the country.

The Home Office subject asylum seekers to horrific and degrading ‘tests’ regarding their sexuality. They are put in continuous danger and re-traumatised in detention centres that undermine their basic human rights.

LGBT* people are deported to ‘safe’ countries and told to ‘pretend to be straight’ to survive.

The Police, Home Office and private security companies (such as Serco and G4S) violently harass, detain and imprison LGBT* asylum seekers, refugees, migrants and people of colour disproportionately to other communities.

And there’s ZERO accountability!!

No One is Free When Others Are Oppressed

Demand justice for all LGBT* people

Queers still Against Police Violence, Remember Stonewall!
The reason we celebrate Pride is to remember the Stonewall riots when queers of colour stood up to the ongoing Police violence and said “this shit has got to stop!”
But police violence is not a thing of the past; there is a dire record of dealing with hate crime & insitutional transphobia & homophobia still exist. The police are still racist and unaccountable in their practice.

The corporate sponsorship and pink washing of dodgy companies should have no place at Pride.

There are many reasons for us to reclaim this day and create something to truly be proud of. Pride should be a protest, a coming together and a platform to give voices to the many issues affecting our communities today.

Join this bloc and feel free to bring your own placards/banners/messages or get in touch & work on stuff together beforehand.

Suggested dress pink/black/glitter

Hosted by: My Q Culture, No Borders Leeds, Queer and Now

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