Campaigning guides

With hundreds of websites and online guides to campaigning out there, it’s difficult to know where to go to for help with your activism. To make life that bit easier, here are our recommendations of great resources that can help strengthen your campaigning.

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General campaigning guides

LUU Campaign ToolkitFor an accessible but thorough introductory guide to campaigning, look no further than Leeds University Union’s Campaign Toolkit. Produced by local activist James Robertson, the guide lays out in clear, straightforward steps how to get from a great idea to a successful campaign. If you follow the advice given here you can’t go far wrong.

If it’s setting up and maintaining a strong grassroots group you’re after, check out Oxfam’s ‘How to set up a new group’, People & Planet’s Groups Guide and Friends of the Earth’s Local Groups Handbook. Each is a solid resource that works well as a guide for setting up and a reference point for the future.

Friends of the Earth, Oxfam, Christian Aid and Campaign Central all have comprehensive guides to pretty much every aspect of global justice campaigning. From writing press releases and organising events to lobbying and working with other groups, these sites have got it covered.

Resources for more radical action can be found at Seeds for Change, a non-profit training organisation for activists. There’s a wealth of stuff here from facilitating consensus-based meetings and campaign planning to dealing with legal issues and ethical IT.

Finally, we have Strictly for the dedicated campaigner, this is exceptional stuff. Campaign guru Chris Rose tosses around world-changing insights like they’re confetti – put the kettle on, have a sit down, and prepare to have your mind blown.

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Bike-based campaigning

Bike activism in actionLocal activist Bill Phelps, a founding member of the Rickshaw Freedom Riders, has produced a couple guides to campaigning on yer bike;

Bike-based Campaigning
Here Bill talks through the practicalities of cycling long distances in the name of social justice. From pre-ride planning to best practice on the road, it’s more tricky than you might think…

Making Bike Banners
If you want your group to make a visual impact you’re going to need custom banners. Here Bill gives a step-by-step guide to mass producing bike banners so your group can look the part.

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