Tidal 365 Campaign: Help keep us afloat!


There are 365 days in a year, and Tidal are looking for an extra £365 income per month, to keep us financially afloat for the years to come.

This is a make or break year for us
Unfortunately, a few years ago our income dropped suddenly after one of our key sponsors had to cut a regular donation they had been giving us for many years. Since then we have been relying on our reserves to keep us going. However we only have one year of reserves left before we hit the bottom line of our reserves policy.

What we are looking for
We are looking for new supporters to give a regular monthly donation to help us meet this £365 deficit, so we can continue the important work we do. We are a very small organisation, with super low running costs, and a monthly donation of even £2 would make a really big difference to our financial health.

How are we currently funded?
All £10,843.64 of our income this year came from regular givers and one-off donations, which covers our core running costs.

Why regular donations are so valuable
Regular donations from local people make a really big impact to our financial security, and gives us the autonomy and certainty to organise big things in Leeds. It means we are able to avoid spending our limited time searching for restrictive grant money, that is increasingly hard to come by.

Where will your money go?

Tidal is a local movement building organisation, made up of 1 co-ordinator working 2 days a week, 8 board members, 2 free-lance workers working 1 day a week, and several dedicated volunteers.

Our mission

Since Tidal incorporated in 2002, it’s been our mission to help global justice activists in this city be as effective as they can possibly be. From projects that practically demonstrate the sustainable alternatives, to groups fighting for reform and policy changes, and campaigns struggling for structural change to our economic and social systems – we believe that it’s only with a connected, effective and massive movement working from all these angles will we build a more just and sustainable world for everyone. This is why Tidal works to support, coordinate and grow global justice activism in Leeds in all its different forms. We believe that strong and diverse grassroots movements are vital to sustainable change.

What do we do

  • We organise big movement building gatherings that give local change-makers and groups a platform to share skills and knowledge with the activist community
  • We provide a free online hub (Leeds for Change) which has the tools, networks and resources to increase capacity, visibility and effectiveness of change-makers in Leeds
  • We facilitate cross-activist group campaigns and support key campaign groups who are fighting some of the biggest global issues of our time (such as climate change, austerity, neoliberalism, racism) on local front-lines. Currently we are working closely with Frack Free Leeds and Healthy Air Leeds.
  • We also coordinate a diverse programme of accessible and inclusive activist skills trainings and inspiring cultural events. These provide a regular space for education, networking, and helping groups and activists build good relationships.

Become one of our Supporters and help us to keep building a global justice movement that is effective, well equipped and diverse; so we can bring about the changes you want to see in the world!

How to donate

  • Local Giving: This is our preferred method as donations given to us through our Local Giving page are also eligible for Gift Aid, which means that we receive an extra 25% on top of what you donate. Gift Aid is of no extra cost to you but the extra 25% significantly helps us.
  • Direct Debit: Alternatively you can also set up a Direct Debit. Our Bank details are 50111444 (account number), 08-92-50 (sort code).

Keeping in touch

We keep a small list of all the people who support us, so that once a year we send out a card and update on how we’ve been using your money. We would love to include you. If you feel able, please email maia.kelly@leedstidal.org or phone 0113 373 1752 with your name, postal address, email and phone number. Of course we won’t be offended if you’d prefer not to receive this update.