What our supporters say

‘I am a strong believer in Ryunosuke Satoro’s quote: “Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” One example of this is the Ending Fuel Poverty in Leeds event, which brought together experts and advocates of the issues surrounding fuel poverty in Leeds from a variety of backgrounds, who had a variety of skills that were willing to offer to make a change.’
Claire Fearn

‘I am involved in Tidal because moaning on its own is fruitless. To effect a change you have to shout, campaign, lobby and persuade – and Tidal is the vehicle for doing that in Leeds.’
Claire Welling

‘Tidal is like a Yorkshire terrier – a small organisation with a big personality and a louder voice than you’d expect for its size.’
Matt Carmichael

‘Tidal recognise that for us in Leeds to take action on the big issues of our time – environmental collapse, global justice and poverty – we need to be smart, organised and creative. This is what they do so well, and why I love supporting them!’
Steve Halpin

‘Tidal is a lynchpin for activism in Leeds and this has led to significant real-world change to transform communities.’
Simon Bowens

‘The need is great, so cooperation is essential. Tidal is key to making a difference.’
Martin Schweiger