Training rides

In the lead-up to the Tour de Tidal there’ll be a number of training rides to help us make sure our bikes and our bodies are up for it. In particular, this will be an opportunity for less experienced riders to get a feel for cycling with a group and to highlight any mechanical or fitness issues in time to do something about them.

  • 2pm Sunday 26 April
  • 6.30pm Wednesday 6 May
  • 6.30pm Monday 11 May
  • 10am Saturday 23 May

If you’d like to join us, get in touch asap. As soon as we know who’s coming and their level of experience, we’ll firm up the routes and timings for these rides. For the first three rides, we’ll try to set a pace and distance to match the slowest. But we do ask that you get your bike checked over at a good bike shop or by someone who knows what they’re doing.

To find out more, ring or text Bill on 07474 873791 or David on 07411 924071.