Volunteer with Asylum Justice and Release (AJAR)

From Asylum Justice and Release (AJAR): A small group of people at All Hallows Church in Leeds have engaged their community in supporting asylum seekers who have been held in detention or made destitute. Now we hope to extend this work by involving more people from all faiths and none. Our group includes people who have sought asylum and know what the needs are.

Seeking justice

In our experience there are asylum seekers who have not had a fair hearing. The letter of the law may be observed but people are often assumed to be guilty of deception unless they can prove otherwise.

When their asylum claims are rejected:

  • People may be detained and will be in danger if deported.
  • For people who have been tortured in prisons abroad detention adds to their trauma.
  • Other rejected asylum seekers are made destitute, have no rights to work and face the threat of removal.
  • However, with good legal help, some people can be bailed out of detention and supported as they seek refuge in this country.
  • Those who are destitute can also be supported in their attempts to be granted leave to remain.

Getting Involved

We are looking for other people to help:

  • Stand as sureties when people can be bailed out of detention
  • Offer friendship and advocacy
  • Act as advisors and supporters to the volunteers
  • Offer hospitality in small ways
  • Welcome people into their homes
  • Help with organisational aspects such as training, finances and communication
  • Mobilise the special support that faith communities and humanitarian groups can bring

If you would like to help please contact AJAR at ajarleeds [@] gmail.com or phone/text us on 07970 749329.